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Mariemont Global Access Fund

The Mariemont Global Access Fund

Global travel opportunities at MHS

The Mariemont City School District has recently expanded the global travel opportunities available to students, including a global leadership summit, service projects abroad and cultural immersion trips. After many years without global travel opportunities for our students, it is exciting to see the opportunity for international travel return to the district. Read more about some of these amazing opportunities.

About the Fund

To make these opportunities available to all students in our district, regardless of financial means, the Mariemont School Foundation has established the Mariemont Global Access Fund to award travel scholarships to students with financial need. The idea for this fund came from a gift from the Class of 1965, which provided funding for two students to attend the 2016 Global Student Leadership Summit in Europe where they joined students from around the world to discuss education as a human right.

These travel programs are all extremely well planned and curated to ensure a high quality cultural learning experience, however they are not inexpensive. A $1000 scholarship from the Mariemont Global Access Fund is intended to allow all students to consider one of these experiences, despite their financial situation, by bringing the cost down to a level for which they could plan and save.

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