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Make it Happen Matching Promotion Begins Today

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Beginning today, Donations to open Make it Happen teacher requests will be matched dollar for dollar by local businesses and organizations!

MIHRazooSquareThe Make it Happen program is a crowd-funding initiative to support teachers and students across the district. The focus for the 2015 requests is experiential learning opportunities for the classroom. The idea behind the Make it Happen Program is that small donations, when contributed by many donors, can create a significant impact.

How can you help?  Click on the button to the browsebuttonright to browse open requests and make a tax free donation. It only takes a minute! If you have family or friends that you think might want to support a request, please forward this email.

Thank you to our generous Match Sponsors!

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Let’s Make it Happen for Mariemont Teachers & Students!

What is Make it Happen?

The Make it Happen (MIH) Program is a crowdfunding campaign directly supporting a teacher’s classroom through donations from the entire Mariemont City Schools community.  Your donation directly impacts students by funding engaging challenges, relevant applications and authentic learning opportunities!    

What’s new this year?

All projects this year are geared toward the district’s Warriors BEyond program that offers exciting enrichment opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum.  The Mariemont staff has generated  innovative  ideas to bring hands-on 21st Century learning activities DIRECTLY to your students.  

Please take a look and consider donating today.  We are accepting donations through the Mariemont School Foundation Website using the Crowdfunding service


How can I help?

Consider a Make it Happen program donation as a means of recognizing a special teacher or favorite school.
  • You can browse current MIH requests here.
  • Watch your email and the Foundation or School Facebook pages for information about requests you might be interested in supporting.
  • Help promote requests that are important to you by sharing them with your network.
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Together we can Make it Happen for our Teachers and Students!

Thank You to our Donors and Sponsors!

Thank You

The 2014 Make it Happen Program was a tremendous success! Thanks to your generous donations we:

  • Funded 8 Teacher Requests, 2 at each school
  • Raised $7615 in Total Donations
  • Including $2450.00 in Matching Funds from our Business Sponsors
  • Will Impact over 800 Students!

A Special Thank You to Our Business Sponsors

The Make it Happen Program could not be successful without the generous support of the following local businesses. To learn more about each sponsor, click on their logo. Please consider them If you are in need of the products or services they offer. Be sure to tell them that the Mariemont School Foundation sent you!


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We are very grateful to the following individuals at each of these businesses. If you run into them around the district, please thank them for their generous support of our schools:

Quarter Bistro, Adam Ralston
elan Technologies, Jay Vollmer
Financial Management Group, Dave Wilder
Miller Insurance, Shane and Lisa Miller
Time Timer, Dave and Heather Rogers
CLU Consulting, Mark Gall
Sell Your Mac, Nick Renneker
Mariemont Alterations, Vida Savicius
Etegent Technologies, Tom Sharp & Stuart Shelley
Harlyn Properties, Chad Osgood


Business Sponsors Make it Happen for MCS Teachers and Students!

middle school girls and ipadTerrace Park 6th grade Make it Happen request funded!

Sixth grade students at Terrace Park Elementary will now have a set of 5 classroom iPads that can be used for special projects in Social Studies thanks to donations from the community, the TPE PTO, and the generosity of two businesses.

Helping to incentivize donations were Mark Gall of HLU Consulting, who provided a $250.00 matching grant and Nick Renneker of, who provided an equipment match of two free iPads with the purchase of three ($450.00 value.) If you know either of these Terrace Park residents, please take a moment to thank them for their support of our schools, teachers and students.  Take a moment to learn more about their businesses below!

Thank you to our Business Sponsors! (SYM) is a privately owned reCommerce and IT Asset Transition Service Company committed to reusing, repurposing and recycling used Apple products. It is the mission of SYM to help reduce the amount of e-waste hitting landfills and help individuals, schools and other organizations offset the high costs of upgrading their electronic devices through the purchase and sale of used Apple computers, iPhones and iPads.  Click on their logo for more information and directions to their retail store.

HLUlogo.smallHLU Consultants is an independent insurance consulting and brokerage firm that works with businesses, private equity firms and associations to provide tailored employee benefit solutions around unique cost containment strategies. Click on their logo for contact information.

Previous Business Sponsors

The Mariemont School Foundation Make it Happen Program is grateful to all of the business sponsors who have supported our teachers and students over the past year.  Please let these businesses know that you appreciate their support of our schools!

Visit our Sponsor Pages and websites and please consider them if you are in need of the products or services they offer. Be sure to tell them that the Mariemont School Foundation sent you!


Thank You to our Donors and Sponsors!

MIHMatchPromoThankYouThank You!

The Make it Happen Fall Matching Promotion was a tremendous success! Thanks to your generous donations we secured $1200.00 in matching funds from our sponsors, fully funded 2 requests and raised in total $3067.00 in 9 days!

A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

Please visit our Sponsor Pages and websites. Please consider them If you are in need of the products or services they offer, and be sure to tell them that the Mariemont School Foundation sent you!


Match Extended for Terrace Park 6th Grade!

Due to the generosity of two local businesses, the funding needed for the TPE 6th grade tablet request has been significantly reduced and the matching opportunity has been extended through September 19th. is providing gently used iPads at a significantly reduced rate, and has also committed to provide 2 free iPads, if funds are raised for the first 3 iPads before the end of September. HLU Consultants, has agreed to extend a $250 donation match through September 19th.  All donations up to $250 will be matched dollar for dollar! Please consider supporting this request today!

Donate Today!

Your Donations to Make it Happen Teacher Requests Doubled through 9/10!


Thanks to our generous sponsors, today through September 10th, donations to open teacher requests through the Make it Happen Fund will be matched dollar for dollar. Help us capture $1400.00 in available matching funds!

What is Make it Happen?

The Make It Happen Program is a crowd-funding initiative to support teacher requests to enhance the classroom learning environment. The idea behind the Make It Happen Program is that small donations, when contributed by many donors, can create a significant impact. 

Click to Donate Now!

Why Should I Donate Now? 

  • Just $10 can help Make it Happen!
  • Today your $10 = $20
  • Donating takes less than 5 minutes
  • You select the request to support

Information and Special Offers from Our Generous Match Sponsors:



Storage for Maker Space – MHS Library – Fully Funded!

Lockable Rolling Tool Caddie

Fully Funded! The Mariemont High School Library recently incorporated a Maker Space, a place where students have access to tools, materials, space and support to explore areas of interest, tinker, and invent. Maker Spaces extend the type of hands-on learning seen in Physics, Art, and STEM, and inspire innovative thinking and discovery.   The implementation of the MHS Maker Space was guided by a  pre-survey of students and staff, in which 75% of our eighty-one respondents voiced a strong need for the space.

Components of the Maker Space were generously donated throughout the summer and beginning of the school year. The designated area includes a table, stools, a white board, and a handful of tools.  Community-based experts will be invited to participate in “Maker Mondays,” or short instructional lessons about tools and methods. Again, these topics will reflect the findings of the survey and address students’ requests for support exploring electronics and robotics (66%), programming (63%), and audio/electronic music (63%), among other things.

Lockable Rolling Tool Caddie

What is missing from this space is a  safe and secure method to store tools. We would like to purchase a movable, lockable toolbox to hold a variety of tools. The tool caddie listed in the budget will be ideal for those items of greater value and those that require more supervision, such as power tools, hot glue guns, or electrical equipment.

Additionally, we would like open, accessible storage, such as the shelving unit listed in the budget. This will be used for the items of lesser value, such as fabric scraps or bottles of glue. It can stay in the Maker Space so these items are always accessible to students without adding much clutter to the library space at large. 

Please click on the donate button below to contribute to this Make it Happen request.


Thank You to our Donors and Sponsors

The Make it Happen Fund December 2013 Double your Donation Promotion was a tremendous success!  Thanks to the generous support of our Matching Sponsors, and our Donors, we raised over $2200.00 in support of Teacher requests during this promotion!

A few stats:

  • 29 Individuals made donations to six open Teacher Requests
  • All $800.00 in available business matching funds were captured.
  • $1465.00 in individual donations were received.
  • 1 project was fully funded.
  • A grand total of $2265 was raised in support of Teacher Requests!

What is Make it Happen?

The Make It Happen Fund is a crowd-funding program to support teacher requests to enhance the classroom learning environment.  The idea behind the Make It Happen Fund is that small donations, when contributed by many donors, can create a significant impact.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We are very grateful to the following businesses that provided matching grants to support our teacher requests!  Please click on their logo to learn more about the business.  Elan Technologies is offering a special code for a discount on repair of Apple equipment.


Deep Soil Sampling Tool for ME and TP 6th Grade Science

Mrs. Melvin and Mrs. Alexander would like a deep soil sampling tool to allow their 6th grade science students to collect and analyze soil from the area.

Mrs. Melvin attended the “Dig Deeper”workshop sponsored by Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District (and Warren and Butler Counties) on October 24, 2013. She learned a great deal, and is anxious to use the activities. However, she lacks some basic equipment to enable the students to have the most hands-on experiences possible. She has applied for a $250 grant from the HCSWCD to purchase 6 small soil sampling tubes, one per table group. These are not sufficiently long to go beyond 10″ into the soil, so she would also like to have a soil sampling tube that will go 36″ deep to use with the whole class.

Students will collect soil samples, analyze the properties of the samples, and evaluate the quality of the soils found within the Mariemont School District (and any samples they bring in from further away). There are 77 science students at Mariemont Elementary. Since this project is on-going, each successive 6th grade class will make use of the tools. Mrs. Melvin’s colleague at Terrace Park Elementary, Heather Alexander, will also be able to use the tools for her two science classes.

They will take soil samples out in the community at the neighborhood parks and on school property. The proper tool will allow the students to sample more than one horizon and will standardize their sampling so we can make more accurate comparisons. The activities described correlate with Ohio’s State Department of Education’s Science Revised Standards and Model Curriculum.

It’s easy to Make it Happen, just click below to donate!

Online fundraising for Soil Sampling Tool for ME and TP 6th Grade Science

To learn more about the Make it Happen Fund, and to browse other open requests, click the image below.

Help Make it Happen for the ME Library!

Ms. Ecker writes: Mariemont Elementary needs portable numeric keypads to use with ThinkPads and/or Netbooks.

Numeric keypads greatly increase speed for students using these devices for Math Facts in a Flashor the math portion of Skills Tutor. A classroom set of numeric keypads to circulate between grade level classrooms would help meet this demand. As we move into “1:1″ technology, this flexibility is imperative.

If funded, the keypads would provide more than a convenience; they would help use technology to combine the visual and auditory learning experience for the entire student body at Mariemont Elementary.

Click here to Make it Happen:

Online fundraising for Number Keypads for Mariemont Elementary

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