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Let’s Make it Happen for Mariemont Teachers & Students!

Let’s Make it Happen for Mariemont Teachers & Students!

What is Make it Happen?

The Make it Happen (MIH) Program is a crowdfunding campaign directly supporting a teacher’s classroom through donations from the entire Mariemont City Schools community.  Your donation directly impacts students by funding engaging challenges, relevant applications and authentic learning opportunities!    

What’s new this year?

All projects this year are geared toward the district’s Warriors BEyond program that offers exciting enrichment opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum.  The Mariemont staff has generated  innovative  ideas to bring hands-on 21st Century learning activities DIRECTLY to your students.  

Please take a look and consider donating today.  We are accepting donations through the Mariemont School Foundation Website using the Crowdfunding service


How can I help?

Consider a Make it Happen program donation as a means of recognizing a special teacher or favorite school.
  • You can browse current MIH requests here.
  • Watch your email and the Foundation or School Facebook pages for information about requests you might be interested in supporting.
  • Help promote requests that are important to you by sharing them with your network.
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Together we can Make it Happen for our Teachers and Students!

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