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The Life and Leadership Series Returns!

The Life and Leadership Series Returns!


The Mariemont City Schools and the Mariemont School Foundation are proud to announce the The 2015/16 Life and Leadership Series Speakers. The series is a collaboration between the District and the Foundation to bring high-quality national experts and experiences to our school community. The programs included in this series build upon the existing robust offerings throughout the District, creating an even more vibrant and well-rounded experience for our students and families.

The Series includes content funded by Foundation donors and grantors and is currently centered around three Spotlight areas:  Wellness, College Planning and Leadership.  The vision for The Life and Leadership Series is to expand the content and spotlight areas to meet needs and interests of students and families, as funding for the program allows.

The Life and Leadership Series is one of those extras that the Foundation provides in accordance with our Mission:  to support the long-term success of our students and community through initiatives that preserve, enhance, and sustain educational excellence.  



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