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MHS Class of 1994 creates Scholarship to honor Hank Kleinfeldt

MHS Class of 1994 creates Scholarship to honor Hank Kleinfeldt

hankkleinfeldtPrompted by their 20 year reunion, Mariemont High School’s class of 1994 has created a scholarship to honor the late, great, much beloved Hank Kleinfeldt.  Realizing that many people were touched in some way by Hank, they would like to extend to the opportunity to donate to the scholarship to the entire district community.

If you would like to be a part of this means of honoring Hank, donations can be sent to:
Mariemont School Foundation
C/O Hank Kleinfeldt Scholarship
2 Warrior Way
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Donate online:



Hank Kleinfeldt Scholarship Details:

This scholarship was established in honor of Hank Kleinfeldt, who was a fixture at Mariemont High School and within the Mariemont community. Hank made each person whose life he touched feel special and important. His unsolicited and tenacious support and mentorship of MHS students was without parallel. He encouraged students to be authentic, to set goals, and to live a productive and joyful life.

Hankkleinfeldt2 copyHank continually gave back to the MHS community through his involvement in Mariemont athletics, as a local business owner, and as the Mariemont Town Crier. He was a special person who knew he was not perfect and who didn’t expect perfection from others. The student honored with this scholarship should embody the spirit and giving nature of Hank, who is considered a friend to all and a person for whom citizenship is an important part of daily life.

There is no GPA requirement, but students should have a post-high school plan of attending an institution of higher education (college/university/community college/professional school).

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