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MSF and MAA present funding to Art Department

February 13, 2013

Jackie Schneider (Chair, Make It Happen Fund), Jelina Huber (Co-Chair MAA), Julia Lair, Donald Books, Jeri Gatch (Co-Chair MAA)

The Mariemont School Foundation has recently received two generous gifts to benefit the Mariemont High School Art Department. The Foundation, which is an independent nonprofit organization that helps the school district enhance and sustain educational excellence, received a rare anonymous cash donation from a formal student in thanks for the excellent arts experience the student received at the high school. The donation was used to purchase much-needed storage containers for the art room, as well as a Cincinnati architecture book and large portfolio cases.

“It is very exciting for us as teachers to be acknowledged in this way and to have unexpected money to spend on items that we previously did not have funding for,” said Julia Lair, visual arts teacher at Mariemont High School. “We have had a great year in the visual arts department so far, and we had a lot of winners in the Scholastic Art Competition so I couldn’t be more proud.”

In addition to the anonymous gift, the Mariemont Arts Association (MAA) presented teachers Donald Books and Julia Lair with a generous gift to fully fund their Galleria Historica project, which would create a permanent art gallery in the high school. This gallery space will provide a lasting legacy to Mariemont High School that not only showcases the fantastic historical-related art work of past students but which can spur future students to produce high-quality works of a historical nature.

“This space will impact every high school student who views the student art in the gallery for many years to come,” said Donald Books. “I am so thankful for the support from our parents and the Mariemont Arts Association.”

About the Mariemont School Foundation & the Galleria Historica
The Galleria Historica is part of the Mariemont School Foundation Make It Happen Fund. The Mariemont School Foundation created the Make It Happen Fund, which allows individual donors to support projects that have been submitted by teachers and administrators throughout the district. The projects can be viewed on the Foundation website at: The fund includes projects that are not currently supported by district monies but which are important in affording our students continued educational excellence and enrichment in their school career.

About the Mariemont Arts Association
The Mariemont Arts Association is a dedicated group of volunteers that supports the music, arts and theater programs of all schools in the district by providing leadership, district-wide communication, coordination and invaluable financial support. For more information, visit