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“This project will make our communities even more attractive.”

Jon Dill (MSF Trustee) with Marcy and Steve Lewis and their children, Amanda and Ryden

Growing up in Madeira, Marcy Lewis always dreamed of being a doctor.  “I enjoyed school, and knew I wanted to be in a profession that helped people.  I knew early on that medicine would allow me to do that.”  Steve Lewis, Marcy’s husband, was growing up hundreds of miles away– in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He also knew early on that medicine would be his chosen career.  His grandfather was a physician, and Steve wanted to follow in his footsteps.   Both Marcy and Steve came from families that valued education, and expected their children to seek the highest academic degrees.  Accomplishing that lofty goal proved to be a little more daunting—from the start of the process.

Both Steve and Marcy are products of their community’s public school system.  “Back then, there wasn’t much available when it was time to apply for college,” Marcy comments.   “There were many options, but where to begin?”  When it came time to apply, the process was “long and labor intensive.  First I had to write a letter to the school requesting an application.  Then, complete the application.  Write the essay. Send it in.  Wait.  It was confusing, and very stressful.  I was very happy when it was over and I ended up at Purdue University.”

It was at Purdue where Marcy met Steve, in “Chemistry class—really!”  After earning undergraduate degrees in engineering, both Steve and Marcy continued on to earn medical degrees from Indiana University.   Marcy also earned an MBA while at I.U.  Clearly, the Lewis’s value education!

Marcy and Steve moved to Mariemont after a stint in Indianapolis.  “Steve and I wanted to settle in a great community with great schools.“  Mariemont fit the bill. Son Ryden, now 16, and daughter Amanda, now 13, arrived soon after.

College is already looming for son Ryden, a junior.  “One minute you are dropping them off at kindergarten, the next minute people are asking you where your child is thinking of attending college.  It sounds cliché, but time really does fly.  And, now, I am again asking ‘Where do we begin?’ “  The Lewis’s are thrilled that the new College and Career Planning Center will help them navigate the next two years.

“We were eager to support this project,” states Marcy.  “As parents, we are going through this process for the first time.  The CCPC will eliminate stress for us.  I won’t have to nag my child about the process.  I think it will make things easier for everyone.”  Marcy adds, “We like to contribute in a way that benefits many—and our donation will ultimately help every student in the district.  We also saw it as an investment in our community, not just in our students and schools.  This project will make our communities even more attractive.”

The Mariemont School Foundation (MSF) is an independent nonprofit organization that helps the District enhance and sustain educational excellence.  MSF’s Campaign for the College and Career Planning Center, “Launching the Leaders of Tomorrow,” aims to raise $50,000 by December 31, 2012 to enhance the District’s current college and career placement program.  The CCPC will be a comprehensive resource center for parents and students, offering individualized college and career information, enhanced standardized test prep materials, financial aid information, and serve as a place to meet with college representatives.  MSF has already purchased Naviance, a web-based platform that has become the college admission industry standard, for the guidance department.   An additional College Specialist will also be available through the CCPC.  Donations to the CCPC are 100% tax deductible, and may be made by check, payable to Mariemont School Foundation, 2 Warrior Way, Cincinnati, OH  45227.  Credit card donations may be made by visiting the Foundation’s website,