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New Look and New Address for The Mariemont Warrior

New Look and New Address for The Mariemont Warrior

April 30, 2012 Mariemont City Schools


New Look and New Address for The Mariemont Warrior


The strong, determined Warrior has long been the mascot for Mariemont City School Athletics. While the Warrior concept has been a constant, the actual image has not. A wide variety of drawn images, clip art and generic renditions have been used throughout the years.

Mariemont City Schools is proud to unveil a newly adopted brand image for the Mariemont Warrior ‐a progressive, distinctive icon that will represent the forward and focused dedication of their student athletes. An image that is uniquely Mariemont’s.

The Mariemont Board of Education unanimously adopted the new Warrior brand at their April 24 meeting where Mariemont High School students modeled samples of the new look.

“There’s a strong sense of pride and community in Mariemont City Schools. We are excited to rally around this distinctive and iconic image,” commented Paul Imhoff, Superintendent of Schools. “With this adoption, we celebrate the history of the Mariemont Warrior and carry an exciting, consistent vision into the future.”

Along with custom logotype (typeface), the new brand was the collaboration of resident talent and dedication. “The District would like to especially recognize the efforts of Candace and Bren Fries, Doug Worple and Barefoot Proximity, and Tom Gilmore,” commented Mariemont Board of Education member Dee Walter. “We are so fortunate to have the resources of such talented and generous people in our communities.”

The 2012 Warrior will grace athletic uniforms, helmets, bags and warms ups, along with banners, murals and the new gym floor at Mariemont Junior High School –opening in September 2012. Mariemont Warrior High School and Junior High Spirit Wear will feature the new image and logotype. The featured school colors will remain the traditional deep royal blue and golden yellow, and a “vintage” Warrior look will also be included in the brand package for special usage to honor district history.

The Mariemont Athletic Boosters, in conjunction with the Athletic Department, will maintain the guidelines and approval for the use of the service‐marked Mariemont Warrior. Plans for a full‐out launch of Warrior sportswear featuring the new logo will include the convenience of online purchasing and will begin late summer. For further information on the new Warrior image, contact Mariemont Athletic Director Tom Nerl at 272‐7600 or

The Warrior will also be gaining further recognition as the District changes the name of the lane where Mariemont High School is located. While the lane actually veers off the main Pocahontas Ave, it had maintained the Pocahontas name. As of June 1, Mariemont High School and the newly relocated Board of Education office (at back of MHS) will be residents of Warrior Way: Mariemont High School ‐ 1 Warrior Way, Mariemont Board of Education ‐ 2 Warrior Way.

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