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Spirit Walkway

The Mariemont School Foundation (MSF) has unveiled an exciting new recognition and fund raising initiative at the MariemontFoundation engraved brick project High School entitled Spirit Walkway Project.

The project involves the construction of a new sidewalk comprised of personally engraved brick pavers along the Mariemont High School auditorium turnaround area (named the Spirit Walkway) as well as a Recognition Wall where large donors to the Foundation will be honored.

According to MSF President Wendy McCracken, “These personalized pavers are a great way for people in the school district to recognize the achievements of their children at graduation or other individuals in the school district who have truly made a difference to their child’s educational experience.”

The idea was conceived by two members of the MSF Board of Trustees, Christine Kauffmann and David Faulk, early in the year and was approved by MSF Board of Trustees and the School Administration in April.  According to Kauffmann and Faulk, the goal of the project is to accomplish four key goals:

  1. Create a unified space where bricks from the original three elementary buildings are co-mingled
  2. Create a much needed sidewalk and attractive entrance area to the auditorium
  3. Celebrate our District students, families and faculty with a personalized brick
  4. Recognize and encourage individual and business giving to the Foundation

The funds generated from this exciting project will be used to finance school district initiatives that help sustain and enhance educational excellence.